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Akhilesh Kumar Prajapati

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CAREER PROFILE                  


Graduate Mechanical Engineer with good academic standing who can offer:

§  A highly motivated individual with valuable experience and education in the field of CAD Design and Drafting, which involves the design of SUV, Photochemical Smog Capture device, Hook design, etc.

§  Knowledge gained from HVAC design by using CAMEL software for heating and cooling load calculation in refrigeration and Air conditioning subject.

§  Willingness to work more than normal business hours. The ability to work away from the workplace, which has come from spending a lifestyle away from my hometown.

§  Experience lecturing as an assistant professor over 60 students for 3 courses of the Mechanical Engineering and Design courses at SRCT college.

§  Designed an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for BAJA events 2013 and 2014 run by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) which is organized by Mahindra company.

§  Developed interpersonal skills by accomplishing 1 hour of professional development and 30.5 hours of community engagement through the UNSW Skill Development Program accredited by the AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement).




Master of Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineering)

University of new south wales, sydney (february 2018 – December 2019)

Weighted Average Marks: 65.938 %

Relevant Courses Completed: CAD/CAM, Mechanical Design-2, Finite Element Methods, Thesis

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki vishwavidyalaya, india (July 2008 – april 2014)

First Class degree with a CGPA of 7.34


Designed HVAC system for Temper town Hospital by using CAMEL Software

Course: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning | Post: Co-Designer | Grade: Pass

·       Learned to design High Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, as I was given the task to design the HVAC system for Temper Town Hospital.

·       Used CAMEL, Blue Beam & Auto-Cad software, also referred DA09 Booklet for heating and cooling load calculation.

·       Gained knowledge of duct designing, fire strategy and create a layout of Ducts and Air Handling Unit.

Designing of Photochemical Smog Capture device to curtail the hazardous smog in Beijing (CHINA)

 Course: Thesis | Mentor: Ronald Ting Tai Chan | Grade: Credit

·       As a team of 7 Designed a simplified cylindrical-shaped device to strain out the infiltrated air.

·       The best efficient filters HEPA and CAF are used to purify the Photochemical Smog.

·       Used a 3-D printer to produce our prototype to meet the actual model parameters.

·       Utilized the software Solidworks-2018 and Microsoft excel for producing Geometrical and Mathematical model respectively for Smog Capture Device.

Designed low-tech Shake table for high seismic hazard nation NEPAL to test vibration up to a 3-Storey building.

Client: Smart Shelter Research, Engineering without Borders Australia | Post: Designer | Grade: High Distinction

·       As a team of 10, we were assigned the task to design a simplified model of the Shake Table which can produce 2-axes vibration easily and facilitate the ease of operation to measure the vibration.

·       Utilized Solidworks to design Shake Table and simulated in ANSYS Workbench obtained the result of structural analysis and modal analysis.

·       As a Design Analysis Team Lead, we maintained excellent rapport with the client and provided technically sound solutions that impressed them.



Designing/Analysis of hook to create it with the help of 3-D printer

Course: CAD/CAM | Mentor: Ronald Ting Tai Chan | Grade: High Distinction

·       Designed 16 grams Hook using Solidworks design software, which can withstand up to 100 kg weight.

·       Real Break-through test is done on a tensile testing machine, the failure of hook occurs under the load of 120 kg.

·       Gained knowledge about 3-D printing (Ultimaker Cura) to deal with the various types of infill and thickness layers to make them suitable for part design.




Assistant Professor | Machine Design, Engineering Drawing and Drafting, CAD | (2nd JUNE 2015 – 2ND JAnuary 2016)

Modules Taught: Design of components subjected to static loads (such as riveted, welded, threaded joints), 2D and 3D modeling in Auto CAD software, drawing conventions and assembly of machine drawing on A1 sheet. Scales, Special Curves, Projections, the section of solids, development of surfaces, Isometric Projections, Computer-Aided Drafting. 


Training program | Indo-German Tool Room (MSME), India (04 Feb 2013 – 23 Feb 2013)

Learned basic module of PRO-E for 2D and 3D modeling of part design and design assembly. Gained advance knowledge to produce complex designs and think critically.



Designing and computational software:

·       Solidworks, CATIA-V5, Creo, PRO-E, Auto-CAD, ANSYS SpaceClaim and Design Moduler, ANSYS Workbench, AutoCAD Inventor, SolidCAM, SAM.

Programming software/ knowledge

·       MATLAB, utilized extensively for the course Machine Condition Monitoring

·       Used CAMEL to calculate heating and cooling load for HVAC designing of Tempertown Hospital.

·       VBA Coding for Microsoft Excel utilized for Thesis (Beginner’s Level), C/C++, JAVA

Microsoft Office Suite

·       Utilized for writing various reports at UNSW

Leadership & Communication Skills:

·       As a part of the course in Skill Development programming, I volunteered in Relay for life and 7 bridges walk to help and interacted with indigenous and overseas people. Whereat, I learned teamwork, communication, and leadership skill.



§  Presented national level paper presentation on Welding of Aluminium Alloy by TIG welding organized by the PRESTIGE-ISTE student chapter.

§  Volunteer for Hill Climbing test in BAJA SAEINDIA-2012 event organized by Mahindra company.

§  Successfully, completed a professional development program that offered to develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills; and gained a sense to not only connect with the UNSW community but also at other volunteering places and different communities.



Raguldeep Premrajkumar | Technical officer at PKA Acoustic Consulting

Lava Kiran Voora | Mechanical Engineer at Embelton

Contact details available on request